New measurement sensor

The Aw-meters of the Activ W510 and Activ W810 series are equipped with a new measurement sensor, introducing improved thermal insulation, superior sealing, the possibility of being equipped with a single or double stage thermoelectric module as well as an extensive measuring range.

Standards and fields of application for the measurement of water activity

HACCP, ISO22000, ISO21807, ISO29621, USP1112 … all standards and methods that integrate water activity measurement at the core of the prevention of health risks:

    • European directives require the food industry to use HACCP plans (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point). HACCP is a method that, after identifying the hazards of a given food, proposes to control the critical points of the manufacturing process and to put checking processes in place. The activity of water also called Aw, is a critical control point of a HACCP system, an integral part of the ISO22000 food safety management standard.
    • ISO21807 sets out the principles and requirements for measuring water activity of products intended for human consumption and the feeding of animals.
    • ISO29621 focuses on defining the criteria for the microbiological stability of cosmetics.
  • In the pharmaceutical sector, water control is a parameter defined by USP method <1112>.

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